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Meet the Panel



Anna was a lonely "Bewitched" fan before finding a home at "Twitch Talk." 


Every Uncle Arthur joke makes her laugh. 


Anna is the host of Global History Radio which streams on YouTube and Facebook.  She is the producer of Bayard Rustin Symposium and Ralph Bunche Day, public events for communities to engage with historical figures.


Anna lives and works in Vallejo, California with her three cats.    

Eru discovered "Bewitched" when she was 8 years old in Japan, and started to learn chanting and spells at Witch School in Tokyo.


After realizing "Bewitched" was actually an acting series, she trained to become an actor.


Her graduation thesis was about Witchcraft and Acting, and researching brain weaves at University.


She is now working as an actor in Los Angeles in TV, movies and on stage.


Youtube & IMDb : Eru Gibson





June lives in Bellevue, Washington and works as an Administrative Assistant by day and paranormal investigator by night.


She is Vice President of the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma - A.G.H.O.S.T.


June loves Classic TV and has loved "Bewitched" since she was a young girl and is enjoying all the nostalgia by re-watching all the episodes again.


June says, "Sadly, they definitely don't make shows like this anymore."

Justin lives in Atlanta, GA.


He is a software developer who has been a "Bewitched" fan ever since he can remember.


Justin loves to travel.





Max lives in the UK with his partner and two cats Will & Gracie.


When not watching "Bewitched," Max teaches English & Drama in an S.E.M.H school in the West Midlands.

His hobbies include acting and directing in Community Theatre, singing, being with family & friends and bargain hunting!

He has loved "Bewitched" from an early age and was introduced to it at 8 years old when his mum switched it on when it was being broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 at 5pm every Tuesday tea-time.

Na'Vell lives in Penns Grove, NJ, and has been with the Walgreens company for almost 17 years as Specialty Billing Technician.


Aside from his daily work, he also hosts his podcast, "BuzzWorthy Radio."


Na'Vell began watching "Bewitched" at the age of 5, and fell in love with the series. His favorite characters are Samantha, Aunt Clara, and Serena.


In his spare time, Na'Vell loves listening to music, hanging out with his friends, and binging classic TV shows.





Robert has been under "Bewitched"’s spell since a pre-teen warlock.


A creative director for Hearst, he spent many years in NYC before relocating to New Haven, CT.


He’s thrilled to be a new member of the "Twitch Talk" family, and is just getting over a slight case of Venetian Verbal Virus.

Susan lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband Steve and dog Beth.


Daughter Grace is all grown up and gone.


Susan has a background in theology, sings in her church choir (when not in a pandemic), and spends her time these days reading, doing puzzles, and watching “Bewitched”!





Taylor is a television historian and Assistant Professor of Entertainment and Media Studies at the University of Georgia in Athens.


His favorite character is Endora, and growing up in a small town in rural Kansas, identified with Samantha and Tabitha's struggles with the broom closet.

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